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Business Challenge: Globally deploy hardware and software to the Coca-Cola-owned bottling system, using a flexible approach that supports various business environments and cultures

Solution: ASR utilized their worldwide network of business partners to develop a centralized implementation model. This approach, coupled with a flexible execution strategy, allows Coca-Cola to rapidly adapt to diverse regional factors and market conditions

Business Challenge: Automate management of fuel consumption and inventory tracking for a nationwide commercial vehicle fleet

Solution: ASR designed and developed a robust software application targeted for handheld computers to support Ryder’s commercial fleet. The mobile solution has minimized data errors and improved data accuracy while providing modular code with flexible customer-driven field identification and robustness.

The solution has three primary components: Fuel Management (tracking of fuel usage, receipt, and delivery), Yard Check (collection of vehicle status and location), and Parts Room Inventory


Business challenge: Provide high-speed labeling capabilities to support a re-labeling process for packages that cannot be scanned through the sorting process

Solution: ASR completed an onsite assessment to identify appropriate hardware, and provides printers, labels and system maintenance to support the re-labeling requirements on an ongoing basis


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